Tire Blow Out

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Tips for keeping calm and staying safe.

If you hear or feel a pop and find your ride developing a “gravelly” quality, you likely have a blown out tire.  Road debris is regularly the culprit for causing your tires to blow out.  Keeping your tires in optimal working condition minimizes the chance of tire blow out, but it can and does happen to anyone.

Breathe deeply and grip the wheel.

Increasing oxygen to the brain with deep breathing will help you maintain your cool. Gripping the steering wheel will help you to maintain control over the vehicle. Reacting well – carefully and calmly – will increase your chances of safely pulling over. Quick movements at the steering wheel can have major impacts, especially when traveling at high speeds.

Roll to a stop, rather than braking hard.

Resist the temptation to slam on the brakes. Rather, let off the brakes to roll to a stop.  Since your vehicle is not operating on full tires, braking hard can cause your vehicle to spin or shake. Stopping in traffic can be dangerous, so try to maneuver your vehicle off the road before coming to a complete stop.  Be sure to turn on your hazard lights as soon as it is safe to do so, and certainly once your vehicle is stopped. When you exit the vehicle to check for tire blow out, pay close attention to traffic and watch for oncoming vehicles.