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Our on-site rental cars seamlessly keep you moving.

When you drop off your vehicle, there is no need to stand around. We have a fleet of rental cars ready to ease the transition of leaving your car in the shop.  Whether you need to get around for the day or for a longer-term repair process, having a rental car lets you keep living your life with the independence you usually enjoy.

A 10-minute or less check out maximizes the time in your day.

We value your time.  When you’ve brought in your keys, we’ll simply walk right back out our front door with you and get you into a rental in 10 minutes or less. You’re on your way back into the regular beat of your day!

A unique feature of an auto body shop, our rental car service was born from our dedication to your satisfaction.

You can expect the same quality service from our rental car service as you do from our collision auto repair – your satisfaction is at the heart of our work.  We noticed the ways in which a repair you can’t sit in the lobby to wait on was impacting our customers – as it impacts us when we are in that position!  We made the decision in 2012 to add a fleet of rental cars to the services we provide to minimize inconvenience to our customers.

Easy rental, easy return gets you on the road faster – whether in our car or yours!

When you rent a car from Premier Auto Body, you pick it up in the same location you leave your vehicle making it a smooth transition.  When it’s time to pick up your vehicle, you simply drive back to Premier Auto Body and switch out the rental for your vehicle. Our rental cars save you time.

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