Is your automobile road trip ready?

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Premier’s top 5 checks to keep you safe!

Summer travel plans and invitations are rolling in and you are preparing to roll out. We recommend checking these five areas of your vehicle before you get underway.

  1. Regularly scheduled auto maintenance. Now is the perfect time to make sure your oil changes and tune-ups are up-to-date. You’ll have greater peace of mind when you start out in top condition.
  2. Tire condition. Look at the tread and sidewalls on all tires to determine wear and alignment. Good tires with enough tread, pressure, and structural integrity to transport your vehicle means optimal gas mileage and responsive steering, while decreasing the chances of road debris causing blowouts. Don’t forget to check your spare tire, as well.
  3. Brake pads. Your service station can check your brake pads for wear. Replacing worn brake pads increases safety drastically, as you are in greater control of your vehicle.
  4. Wipers and fluids. Functional wipers prepare you for a number of driving situations, such as heavy rain and following vehicles that throw dirt or debris. Making sure you are at optimal fluid levels is also key to a smoothly functioning vehicle in a multitude of driving scenarios.
  5. Auto emergency kit. Whether you purchase a kit or create your own, some basics to include are flares, a flashlight, blanket, basic tools, and a first-aid kit.  A pad and pencil can come in handy, as well.


This list is a great start to get you road trip ready so that you can hit the highway safely!