Gorgeous Vehicle Recovery From Hitting A Deer

 Deer complement the pastoral scenery around here, but what happens when you hit a deer with your car?

The Shenandoah Valley is known for rolling hills and green pastures lined by woods, which provide the perfect home to many deer. While beautiful, deer don’t often look both ways before crossing the road. This 2014 Subaru Crosstrek got up close and personal with a deer running into the…

First Steps: From accident to collision auto body repair

If you are in a car accident and can safely exit the vehicle on your own, start by calling 911 if there are injuries, and/or the police to report the accident.
  • Obtain license plate numbers and driver information.
  • If you have a camera, take photographs of the damage, position of the cars, and the accident scene.
  • Notify your insurance agent immediately.

Keep it clean.

  • Do not argue about

Child Safety & Car Seats

Resources for using car seats
Gone are the days when kids rode anywhere in the car, including the back dash between the backseat and rear window. Safety rules and regulations, both federal and statewide, guide us toward the safety of our children in vehicles. The purpose of child safety seats is to reduce the number of child passengers killed or injured in motor vehicle crashes. The…

Aftermarket Parts and Service

The power of choice.
As a vehicle owner, you choose where to service your vehicle. Often that decision is based on your and others’ experiences, and what you know about the level of maintenance required for your vehicle. You can take your vehicle to a dealership in your car brand, or take it to an aftermarket service shop practiced in multiple brands. The automobile aftermarket is concerned…

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Clear Vision with Headlight Restoration

How to know if your vehicle would benefit from headlight restoration.
The condition of your vehicle’s headlights impacts the degree of light that emanates through the lenses, which impacts your safety in the vehicle. One simple way to know you need headlight restoration is if your state inspector tells you your vehicle will fail without it. Virginia State Inspections require a minimum…

Teenage Driving

Teenage driving: Tips that will take you places.
The thrill of the freedom that driving brings also brings great responsibility. Among other things, being in control of a vehicle means paying attention, minimizing distractions, and being a good steward of the road (remembering your driving impacts other vehicles on the road). The joy of driving is truly a marker of growing up, as…

Maximize control with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)

Ever felt that rapid pulsing under your foot when you brake hard?  That’s your ABS keeping your tires engaged where the rubber meets the road. The premise behind the anti-lock braking system is that a skidding wheel has less traction than a non-skidding wheel. The anti-lock braking system rapidly pumps, sending and releasing pressure to the brake. This pulsing pressure keeps…

Texting While Driving

What are the facts?
As personal electronic devices become more common, chances are that you know someone who has texted while driving. TV, radio and social media promote public service announcements encouraging people not to text and drive. So, what are the facts?

Risky business – Texting creates 20x the crash risk of a non-distracted driver.

The Virginia Tech Transportation…

Tire Blow Out

Tips for keeping calm and staying safe.
If you hear or feel a pop and find your ride developing a “gravelly” quality, you likely have a blown out tire.  Road debris is regularly the culprit for causing your tires to blow out.  Keeping your tires in optimal working condition minimizes the chance of tire blow out, but it can and does happen to anyone.

Breathe deeply and grip the wheel.