Custom Auto Paint

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Custom auto paint ensures the perfect match for as long as you own your car.

When you are looking for a paint solution for your vehicle, Premier Auto Body in Harrisonburg offers peace of mind with our superb color match capability. Our paint products provide top performance and are guaranteed for as long as you own your car.


Waterborne Automotive PaintPPG/Waterborne Paint – We’ve gone green!

Premier uses environmentally friendly paint in your custom auto paint solution.  We believe in protecting the environment.  We have taken steps to improve our carbon footprint by using high performance automotive waterborne coatings from PPG.


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Spot Painting – We expertly blend the old with the new for a seamless finish.

When an overall paint job is not required, auto spot painting does the trick. Premier Auto Body uses a multiple masking process to create a seamless blend of the old paint with the new paint.  Your paint job should be undetectable!  What spot?

View More: Match Paint Camera – State of the art equipment means higher quality.

Our Color Match Paint Camera measures the color of your vehicle from 5 different angles to determine an exact color match. Premier’s expert technicians then mix the paint that will best blend with your original vehicle color. Your vehicle’s paint is restored with the closest match currently possible.

View More: Paint Repairs – Leave rust in the dust.

Minor chips in your paint often open the vehicle frame up to rust. Premier buffs and repaints chips in the finish to the exact color match, providing you a smooth finish and sealing out the chance for rust. Our custom auto paint solutions protect your vehicle and maintain the look you take pride in.