Clear Vision with Headlight Restoration

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How to know if your vehicle would benefit from headlight restoration.

The condition of your vehicle’s headlights impacts the degree of light that emanates through the lenses, which impacts your safety in the vehicle. One simple way to know you need headlight restoration is if your state inspector tells you your vehicle will fail without it. Virginia State Inspections require a minimum condition of lamps and lenses in headlights.

Oxidized lenses can be restored.

Plastic, acrylic, and polycarbonate headlights oxidize when exposed to contaminates, salt air and sunlight. Restoration includes applying a deoxidizer to the lens, which will leave the UV layer intact. If your headlights have oxidized and can be restored, you will see characteristics from this checklist:

  • murky lenses
  • opaque lenses
  • white lenses
  • brown lenses
  • yellow lenses

Damaged lenses can be resurfaced.

Damaged lenses require resurfacing, a complex sanding and polishing system that uses sealers. If your headlights need to be resurfaced, you will see characteristics from this checklist:

  • flaky or peeling lenses
  • pitted lenses
  • scratched lenses

Light your path for a safer journey.

Clean and clear headlights reduce glare for nighttime driving and expand the field of light that you rely on to safely operate your vehicle.