Cargo Carrier Safety Tips

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Pack it up with Premier’s tips for protecting your paint job when adding storage to your vehicle.

Cargo carriers are a useful option when traveling short or long distances with cargo such as sporting equipment, pet supplies, luggage, camping gear, and the like. Getting safely where you need to go doesn’t mean as much when you don’t have your stuff!  When you add storage to your vehicle, you add value to your trip.

Pack it on with rooftop cargo carrier varieties.

When using a rooftop carrier, pay attention to the structure of your roof rack.  Adjusting the bars to the appropriate distance apart improves the security of your cargo carrier and minimizes the chance of paint damage from a misaligned carrier. You may also consider fitting a protective mat between your roof and cargo carrier. Cargo carriers with soft bases can provide a layer of paint protection, as well. 

Got a scratch? Premier Auto Body has you covered.

Should your paint job get a scratch or two, often buffing or waxing will work them out. When you are in need of a professional paint solution, Premier Auto Body takes great care to deliver a smooth finish. Our quality assurance and customer-satisfaction focus give you peace of mind that your finish is covered, as your cargo carrier increases your comfort both in your vehicle and at your destination.