Spring Cleaning: A great time for Car Care

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Spring is in the air. Buds are blooming, windows are creaking open to let in the breeze, and the urge to organize and lighten up is taking hold. Be sure to add your car to your spring cleaning list. Winter weather puts your paint job to the test with salt, road grime, and debris. A good wash can bring your vehicle’s appearance back to cruise-worthy.

Wash off the winter!

Washing your vehicle in the shade is ideal because it keeps soap and water from leaving streaks and spots. Whether you wash in the shade or not, start at the top of the vehicle working in sections and rinsing as you go. You can take pride in seeing your hard work pay off as your paint shines through.

Tires round your wash out.

Don’t forget to spray out your tire wells, wheels, underside, and fenders, where road grime can collect out of sight. Using a rag other than one you use on your vehicle’s paint to work the grime off your hubcaps rounds out your exterior cleaning.

To wax or not to wax?

Waxing every six months protects your vehicle’s finish. Seasonal car care helps you keep on track with waxes.